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 The first time I remember seeing a pine needle basket was in the early 1980's. At the time I was making splint woven and wicker baskets and really enjoying that process. When I laid my eyes on the basket, the sweet aroma filled me senses and the love affair began.

   I was living at the time in the home we had built on the McKenzie River across from Belknap Hot Springs Resort in Oregon. Out the front door was our own private hot springs stone soaking tub. The only access there at that time was by a cable car, dangling over the roaring river, but that is a story in itself...

Being surrounded in the woods and secluded was everything I needed to help my creativity evolve from making more useful baskets to sculptural pieces.

I have been teaching my love of making pine needle baskets, pendants and sculptural pieces now for more than 30 years. My enthusiasm for the art form has helped me to inspire others.

My work has been shown and sold in Art Galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.

 " I am a TIME WEAVER, weaving in memories of myself in each piece I create one of the oldest crafts of humanity alive".

You may purchase some of my pieces on my Etsy page or message me for more information on my Contact page.

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