Pine Needle Creations by Sheri
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Pine Needle Creations by Sheri

2015 year in coiling

2015, An Inspirational Creative Coiling Year!


              What a fabulous creative  year 2015 has been for me!

      I had the opportunity to show my art in some wonderful juried events.
      Starting last May with being the featured artist at The New Zone Gallery in Eugene. It was so great meeting folks and getting wonderful feed back on my work. So humbling.
      I taught numerous workshops ranging from baskets to pendants in Oregon and California.
 My friend Jean Koon showed me how to make pine needle evening bags. I  made three of them  and sold all three! More to come for sure. The nex one will b for me.
      One of my workshops was just out of Yosemite and at the Valentines Reserve in Mammoth Lakes California. What a great bunch of creative gals they were.
      Spreading this creative process has been a joy and am looking forward to teaching many more classes this coming year.
      I just scheduled workshops at the Eugene Textile Center which I will be posting soon.
      My etsy page is slowly getting more hits and selling.
     Happy coiling everyone and Happy New Year,
     Your  friendly basket case,
      Sheri Smith Holgate